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Hi! My name's Mattia Vaccari, and I'm a post-doctoral research assistant within the Astrophysics Group of the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, jointly funded by the SKA South Africa project and by the European Commission FP7 HELP project. I was formerly a post-doctoral research assistant within the Department of Astronomy at the University of Padova (2005-2011) and within the Astrophysics Group of Imperial College London (2003-2005). I have previously received a PhD in Space Science & Technology from the Department of Astronomy and the Center for Space Studies and Activities "G. Colombo" of the University of Padova and a MSc in Physics from the Department of Physics "G. Galilei" of the University of Padova.

I'm an astrophysicist, and more specifically I study the formation and evolution of galaxies over the life of the Universe by combining observations from telescopes operating both from the ground and from space, and exploiting the advantages offered by mounting telescopes on space satellites. I've long been involved in a projects exploiting ESA and NASA satellite missions such as Herschel, Spitzer and ISO, and more recently I have worked with ESO optical telescopes such as VST and VISTA to better understand sensitive Radio observations of distant galaxies. I'm a keen computer user and software developer and a devoted open source content supporter, and in my spare time I enjoy reading and talking life, politics and science.

On these pages you'll find some more detail about my research and personal interests. Hope you enjoy your stay...

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E-mail : mattia@mattiavaccari.net       WWW : http://www.mattiavaccari.net