Unpublished writing is like masturbation or coitus interruptus, something shameful and unsatisfying.

David Lodge, Small World, 1984


Not that a page on its own is actually needed at the moment, but I'm presently working on a number of things, and one day, maybe... well, for the time being, you can either browse my favourite repositories of scientific papers or find here the few things that are not available from these. Enjoy!?


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GAIA Technical Reports

SAG-CUO-61 : Statistical Model of Galaxies (Vaccari & Høg, 15 Mar 1999)
SAG-CUO-69 : Simulated Observations of Galaxies with GAIA (Vaccari & Høg, 27 Aug 1999)
GAIA-CUO-104 : A Statistical Model of Galaxies (Vaccari & Høg, 30 Jan 2002)
GAIA-CUO-105 : GAIA Galaxy Survey: a multi-colour galaxy survey with GAIA (Vaccari, 1 Feb 2002)

Popular Science

Mattia Vaccari, Il Cielo in uno Schermo (The Sky on Screen), DEV (Developing Software Solutions), Computer Science Magazine, October 2001 Issue, *IN ITALIAN*, HTML, PDF main file, ancillary file #1 and ancillary file #2 (without figures) or Gzipped-tar-ball with all files.


N.B.: Of course, most publications above are somehow copyrighted, therefore you can only "use" them at your own "risk"! Personally, I support Richard Stallman's views on scientific publication's copyright as summarized here, but, more practically speaking, I would also like to add that

Articles freely available online are more highly cited. For greater impact and faster scientific progress, authors and publishers should aim to make research easy to access.

"Online or Invisible?", by Steve Lawrence, Nature, Volume 411, Number 6837, Page 521, 2001.

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