Description: malavita (Mattia's LaTeX Viewgraph Tactics) is a package using LaTeX to produce nice (though not particularly spiffy) viewgraphs intended for (mostly) scientific presentations. It is written by Mattia Vaccari and publicly distributed under GNU GPL.

Here's a (rather old) working example of malavita's output (my presentation at Padova Workshop on Galaxy Formation and Evolution) and here's the sample file provided with malavita present release.

Present Release: Version 0.9.4 (15 August 2006) gzipped tarball

Older Releases: Version 0.9.3 (12 August 2003) gzipped tarball
Older Releases: Version 0.9.2 (18 April 2003) gzipped tarball
Older Releases: Version 0.9.1 (31 July 2002) gzipped tarball
Older Releases: Version 0.9.0 (14 February 2002) gzipped tarball

malavita is also a freshmeat project since Version 0.9.3 / 12 August 2003!

NB : software is made available following the Free/Open-Source paradigm, or more exactly following these licensing terms.

Please acknowledge your using malavita in preparing your viewgraphs by adding

"Created with "malavita" -

and/or using the provided gif/eps logo (e.g. as done on last page of sample source file).

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