"Comuntwist", 99 Posse, 2000, from "La vida que viendrá"

negli anni 'ssantadue 'ssantatre
papà qualche speranza l'aveva
diceva "nuie putimmo cagnà
insieme abbatteremo il sistema"

perché quando il compagno Marx
si portava ancora non male
il nemico del popolo era
il padrone ed il capitale

ma adesso che non va più
e lo stato sociale è finito
il nemico del povero è
il più povero e così all'infinito

On the rare occasions I allow myself to be romantic about the concerts I've been at, I often think about the first time I saw the 99 Posse on stage, back on 29 January '94, during the (politically!) cold '93/'94 Italian winter, in a squat 10 km from where my family lives, in the middle of the hard-working North-Eastern Italy. At that time, it looked like something was about to happen, and even though this was not exactly the case and Mr. Berlusconi is still "with us", these guys from one of the most contradictory cities of the Western (or, at it self-defines itself, civilized) world keep hopes alive with their music and their terrific live performances!

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