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Looking back on old stuff we considered important (or fun) enough to show everybody first thing when they reached my Home Page...

My goold old "Welcome!" image ;-)

Painfully true, isn't it?

Before Genova G8 Meeting, 20-22 July 2001

Come and meet me in Genova, at the (anti-)G8 Meeting!

After Genova G8 Meeting, 20-22 July 2001

Genova, 20 July 2001: honour to whom is due

19 September 2001

Quiet and holy winds of war...

14 October 2001

Perugia-Assisi Peace March, 14 Ottobre 

16 November 2001

FIOM/CGIL Trade Union Strike, Rome, 16 November 2001

5 December 2001

Thanks to our "mean" system managers, my WWW page long-time URL hasn't been reachable for a few months now, so I decided to provide here a NON-UPDATED mirror to the vast audience eagerly wanting to know about me:-) While, again due to so-called security measures, some features of the original page are not available here, most things work! Enjoy, then, and let's hope the future will bring us peace, of course, love, maybe, but also "nicer" system managers willing to do their job and thus let us do ours!

6 April 2002

Join the Trade Union Strike of 16 April 2002!

25 Aprile 2002

Ma noi s'è letta negli occhi dei morti
E sulla terra faremo libertà
Ma l'hanno stretta i pugni dei morti
La giustizia che si farà

Franco Fortini, Canto degli ultimi partigiani

29 October 2002

I saw the front line boys
popping their pills
Sick of the mess they find
On their desert stage
And the bravery of being out of range
Yeah the question is vexed
Old man what the hell you gonna kill next
Old timer who you gonna kill next

Roger Waters, The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range, from "Amused To Death", 1992

25 December 2002

It sometimes seems rather shallow to keep talking about Xmas when there's a
dangerous, deranged and deluded idiot with his finger on some very dangerous
buttons. And yes, that's George Bush I'm talking about, not Saddam.

I forgot whom ... or was it just me!?;-)

11 February 2003

Stop War!      Fermiamo la guerra!

4 August 2003

It's now clear that our "mean" system managers really like "shutting down" web pages without any prior advice. Thus, once again my WWW page long-time URL hasn't been reachable for a few weeks now! Please patiently wait while I find a way to overcome the limitations imposed on my institute's official web server due to institutional so-called security measures.

21 August 2003

Thanks to the collaboration of our system managers, my web page is now fully functional! My most sincere apologies go to those whom my previous (and, following a long-standing www tradition, definitely flaming) message may have offended.

27 August 2003

My days in Padova seem to be over! In (tentatively) early November, I'll be moving to London and start working within the Astrophysics Group of Imperial College on a two-year PDRA contract focusing on Extragalactic Infrared Astronomy with ISO/SIRTF/Astro-F and on Herschel Software Development!

21 September 2003

Breaking News: on 3rd November, I'll be flying to London (on a RyanAir plane, thus any finger-crossing on your part will be gratefully acknowledged:-) to start my PDRA within the Astrophysics Group of Imperial College!

It was all, as I was warned at the very outset, one "bel casino".
And standing there, drenched by the rain, I realised that I didn't
want to live, couldn't even imagine living, anywhere else.

Tobias Jones, "The Dark Heart of Italy: Travels Through Time and Space Across Italy", 2003

12 November 2003

So now is the time for you to speak
All you lovers of liberty
All you lovers of the pursuit of happiness
All you lovers and sleepers
Deep in your private dream
Now is the time for you to speak
O silent majority
Before they come for you

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Speak Out (Parla Chiaro),
from "Blind Poet (Poeta Cieco)", Giunti, 2003

Waiting for Mr. Bush to come and meet Mr. Blair here in London...

29 November 2003

For technical problems (hopefully) soon to be solved, you'll find that some features of my recently-moved web page won't work! Sorry about that...

9 December 2003

Thanks to Helen, my web page is back at full speed!

20 April 2004

Italy The Real Sick Man Of Europe !? / L'Italia La Vera Malata d'Europa!?      He's not MY president! / Lui non è il MIO presidente!      I did not vote for Berlusconi / Io non ho votato Berlusconi

The trouble is that there's something slightly absurd about accusing Berlusconi of being a Fascist.
It's ridiculous to say that Italy isn't a democracy. Then again, it seems equally ridiculous to say that it is.

Tobias Jones, "The Dark Heart of Italy: Travels Through Time and Space Across Italy", 2003

16 February 2005

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language", 1946

5 September 2005

The man who tires of London tires of life.
For there is in London all that life can afford.

Samuel Johnson

Leaving London and back to Montebelluna/Padova "for a while"... no comment, folks!;-)

Anticipating Italian National Elections on 9 April 2006

And in case you wondered...

No I WON'T vote for Mr. Berlusconi!!!

...but thanks for asking!;-)

9 July 2006

17 February 2007

It is all too easy to attribute to the political class, both of left and right, the sole
responsibility for the failures of a State or a society. In the last analysis, the strength
of a democracy in a single country does not depend only upon the capability or the integrity
of its ruling elite, but also upon the culture of its families and the energy of its citizens.

Paul Ginsborg, "Italy and Its Discontents : Family, Civil Society, State (1980-2001)"

Anticipating Italian National Elections on 13 & 14 April 2008

Just when even I thought we wouldn't ever go back "there"...

No I WON'T vote for Mr. Berlusconi!!!

Berlusconi will probably fail: his own incapacities, the mediocrity of his government,
resistances both passive and active, and - last but not least, the economic conjuncture,
seem likely to bring him down in the national elections of 2006. But the political and
cultural trends of which he is one of the most striking expressions are here to stay,
and they weigh heavily upon our collective democratic future.

Paul Ginsborg, Postscript, From "Silvio Berlusconi : Television, Power & Patrimony", 2005