U$A Links (Last Checked in Summer 2005)

Some links I assembled for my own convenience while working and holidaying in the U$, specifically in California and Hawaii. See also my travel links for more general travel information!


Free Dial-Up Internet Account? No way, but you can generally subscribe for a free "trial" 1-2 month DSL account, e.g. at AOL or EarthLink. Also, SBC Yahoo offsers 20 $/month DSL contracts on a monthly basis (i.e. no year-long commitments!). This at the time of writing, at least...

Virgin Mobile USA : the only "Pay as you go" solution I could find providing a phone, a number and 20 $ of calling credit for as low as 79 $! Ask in Sprint/PCS stores!

Prime Time Shuttle and Super Shuttle : shared van rides to and from many main airports!

Car Rental Express : Cheap Car Rental

Southwest Airlines : Cheap Flights

Greyhound Buses : the legendary all-american buses

California (Los Angeles Area, with a keen eye for Pasadena)

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Laemmle Theatres : What? Good Movies!? In THIS Country!?!?!?:-) Yessir, all around the LA area...

Regency Theatres : Often Good Movies, Always Dirt Cheap!!! Again, in the LA area...

Equator Books Bookstore and Publisher, Venice

Fuller Seminary Guest Center, Pasadena

Distant Lands : Traveler's Bookstore and Outfitters, 56 South Raymond Avenue (Old Town), Pasadena

Pasadena City Center : Unofficial Guide to Pasadena

Pasadena Interactive Map

CalTech, JPL, IPAC and SSC

Hawaii (Oahu, Big Island, Mauna Kea)

Panda Travel and The Hawaii Visitor Center : bargain island hopping travel packages!

Southwest Airlines, Aloha Airlines (RIP), Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air and Go Hawaiian

Hawaiian Dictionaries

Hawaii Hiking Trails

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Institute for Astronomy and Mauna Kea Observatories

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