London Links (Last Checked in Summer 2005)

Some useful links for people planning to spend some time in and around London. Students considering it for their (under)-graduate studies, people looking for a house, a job or simply "the perfect experience":-) A list of links assembled (mostly from 2003 to 2005) while trying to find my way through London's mysteries! See also my travel links for more general travel information!

A note for those coming in from Italy
You may be surprised to discover that "Easy London", a popular tour operator with branches in several Italian cities, is actually one of the financial hands of "Forza Nuova", a particularly infamous right-wing Italian political organization. Thus think twice before booking with them...
Say No To Easy London!

Miscellanous Travel Information

Cheap London : Renato's guide to London-on-a-budget (not available as of Summer 2005) (Italian)

Getting There & Away

By plane : you can choose one out of many usual airlines, of course, but for true bargains have a look at RyanAir, Easyjet and British Midlands! Check out SkyScanner as well!

By train : to/from London from/to France and elsewhere in Europe with EuroStar!

By bus : to/from London from/to Continental Europe (and everywhere else in The UK and Ireland) with National Express!

Places to Stay

Hostels, B&B...

University of London Accommodation Office : for students in London but also for everybody else during the holidays of the former!

Looking for a House?

For longer-term stays try and : mostly for prospective flatsharers!

Getting Around and Google Maps UK (search for "london") : where is it?

Transport for London : All Kinds of Public Transport in London

The Tube : London Underground

Network Rail : British Train Timetables and Else

Journey Planner : how do I get there, how long does it take and how much does it cost!?

What's On?

TimeOut's London

Eating Out

London Eating : on-line reviews of eateries, not always reliable but worth a read!

Cinema & Theatre

London Cinemas : 1 and 2

London Theatre Guide

Prince Charles Cinema : Leicester Square One and Only Budget Cinema! Not to speak about the average qaulity of movies it shows with respect to its more illustrious neighbours...

Cine Lumiere a l'Institut Francais : mostly but not only French cinema (membership required)

National Film Theatre of the British Film Institute

Chelsea Cinema & Royal Court Theatre : my beloved neighbourhood's cinema & theatre

Be Connected!

For those eager to check their e-mail twice a day, there's an array of Internet Cafes spread all over town. Possibly the most reliable are the Easy Internet ones. Those having access to a landline phone may also consider signing up for a free dial-up internet account with Tiscali, which allows you to browse for a few pence a minute. Some international phone cards also allow you to coonect from a landline to a dial-up service: check with newsagents and/or convenience stores!

University and Research

University of London

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