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If you happen to sit most of your time in front of a computer screen, you invariably end up "loving" badly some of the tools you use. Though it is generally agreed that this phenomenon hints at some kind of emotional deficiency, it is not well understood yet. For the time being, you can browse through my favourite software-related links (but note also the Apple/Mac ones!) and form yourself an opinion about this engaging issue.

The Open Source Initiative, the GNU Project and its philosophy : powerful software for everyone!

Linux Online, NewsForge and Slashdot : Linux and Open Source News

Debian GNU/Linux

Mandrake Linux

Red Hat Linux

Pluto : Italian Free Software Users Group (In Italian)

The Linux Documentation Project : a HUGE multilingual collection of Linux documentation

Appunti di Informatica Libera : a HUGE collection of Free Software documentation (In Italian)

The TeX Users Group , the LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML projects : high quality typesetting for the open source world

OpenOffice : Free Office Software for every platform! Who needs M$ Office anymore?

The World-Wide Web Consortium

Viewable With Any Browser Campaign Viewable With Any Browser

The Mozilla Foundation and its products Get Firefox Get Thunderbird not only they are the best possible web tools (browsers, mailers etc.) around, but you wouldn't seriously consider using M$ Internet Explorer, would you!?

The Apache Project : the free web server powering most of the www and thanks to which you can reach this page!

Pine : the joy of e-mail for those who like it "command line"!

PuTTY (download) : a free implementation of telnet and ssh for Win32 platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator

SSH via a Web Browser : free web-based ssh2 connection has been kindly made available by the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Ohio State University. Just load the java applet on any java-enabled browser!

The Gimp : GNU Image Manipulation Program

Xfig : a drawing program for the X Window System (Under Linux, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems)

amule : Multi-Platform P2P File-Sharing!

Google : the one-and-only WWW search engine!


Distributed Computing: put your computer to a better use than most!

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