Astronomy Links

Though it can be hardly defined as a job (it's more a faith, I'd say!), astronomy is what I do for a living, but this doesn't mean it cannot be of interest to the layman as well!

AstroWeb : the best reference for astronomy-related www pages (mostly, but not only, for "professionals")

My small gallery of Astronomical Images and related links

HyperPhysics : a well-thought hypertext exploring the most important concepts and examples in physics (and to a lesser extent astronomy and mathematics).

Space Telescope Science Institute : the nice fellows beyond Hubble!

Cool Cosmos : looking at the Universe from a different perspective

Mauna Kea'a Weather : the weather astronomers experience on the top (well, almost) of the world

Astrophotography : how to best capture your very own astronomical pictures (Thanks Katey!:-) Arts Cartoons Cinema Music News Politics Reference
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