Some Call(ed) Us No-Global...

Back in the early noughties, some friends of mine and myself happened to take part into political demonstrations with a certain frequency. As the new sort of multi-cultural "movement" shaping them lacked a political affiliation, the ever-looking-for-a-catch-phrase media came up with the misleading "anti-globalization movement" label, which in Italy became known as movimento no-global.

Notwithstanding the oh-so-enlightened comments coming over the years with decreasing frequency (and who knows whether that's a good thing!?) from those oh-so-reasonable guys who would never dare to lose a football game on TV, let alone a good night's sleep, to humbly ask for Peace and Justice ... folks, not to put too fine a point on it, but since some of us in the streets didn't live to see the next day, these pictures are here to remember and forget/forgive accordingly.

Hasta Siempre!

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