Some Photos About Me (And Friends...)

Portrait of the Scientist as a young man... already looking at the stars (or rather the Sun!?), however!

From kindergarten down to no-global demonstrations... my struggle for Freedom rages on!

Young scientists grow up...

(Spring 1996, University of Padova Third-Year Undergraduate Physics Lab. Left to Right: PierFrancesco, Renato and Mattia)

Finding my way...

(September 1997, Mattia fighting with a map on a London night)

Well-established scientists play baby-foot...

(Summer 2003, Cattolica, Adriatic Sea. Left to Right: Renato, Mattia and Sergio)

My outrageously long hair (for once) combed-up nicely...

(Summer 2004, London)

My viewgraph at the Imperial College Astrophysics Group "Jamboree"

(14 October 2004, London)

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