Back when we used to have "personal" web sites...

Carlo : "Our Man in Vancouver"

Enrico : "Our Man in Valencia", formerly known as "Our Man in the Pizza Business"

Fabio : "Our Man on the Dark Side of the Moon"

Lorenzo : "Our Man Back in Chile", formerly known as "Our Man Back in Padova", "Our Man in Chile" and "Our Man from/in Venice"

Luca : "Our Man in Paradise"

Mauro : "Our Planet Hunter"

Michele : "Our Man in Pisa" (Unreachable as of 20 August 2005)

Paolo : "Our Gothic Man in Budapest", AKA "Sir Weirdo"

Roberto : "Our Man in Trieste", formerly known as "My Favourite System Manager" at the Asiago Astrophysical Observatory

Renato : "Our Man in Milan (or rather Pavia!?)", formerly known as "MY Man in London", "Our Man on (PAID) Holiday", "Our Man in Hell", "Our Man in the Middle of Nowhere", "Our Man in Durham, UK" and "Our Man in Madison, Wisconsin"

Sergio : "Our FreeStyling Man in Madrid", formerly known as "Our Man in London" and "Our Man in Paris"

Tommaso : "Our Man in Rome"

About (Myself &) Friends

Diario del Capitano... : il mio blog (Italian)

Mattia's Web Shack on .Mac : first and second (largely failed) attempts...

Renato's Cheap London : London on a budget (not available as of Summer 2005) (Italian)

Sergios's Master's Thesis Kit : A Do-It-Yourself Kit to Sergio's Master's Thesis (Italian)

My SETI@home pages : my profile (under the nickname of spaceman, what else?) and my group

Classic/Old Style Statistics on the aforementioned SETI@home group

Access statistics on my web page!

Some Call(ed) Us No-Global...

Photos of/by some of the aforementioned well-known public enemies are available here