I guess a web page (just like everything else) is always created having in mind "those precious few" who will hopefully browse it and e-mail you their comments and compliments (or insults, as the case may be:-) once in a while.

From this point of view, my endless thanks go, between others, to my long-time friends, www-addicted and beloved proof-readers Renato, Sergio and Roberto, the latter also for his unspeakably appreciated technical advice.


My WWW page was first created in September 1999 and has in time been hosted at from 4 August 2003 to 29 November 2003 from 29 November 2003 to 7 September 2007

and finally at since 7 September 2007 (although redirection has been in place since 20 July 2006)


The signature "white text on dark-blue background" no-nonsense look & feel still dates back to September 1999 and was inspired by the Asiago Astrophysical Observatory web page (presumably created by Roberto), when and where "all this" got started.